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How do I get a tennis racket restring?

You can get your tennis racket restring in Canberra with Active Tennis Coaching at your local tennis pro shop. We offer a professional racket/racquet restringing service. With an extensive range of string in store, our friendly staff will assist you in finding a string that matches both your budget and your game. If you have your own string, no worries, we will string your racket with that too! 

If you can't get to us, we can pick up and deliver to selected areas in Canberra so you don’t miss a hit on court.  Our expert staff will be more than happy to assist you. 


How long does it take?

Some rackets take longer than others, but generally it will take around 45 minutes to provide our complete racket service.

Where can I get my racket restrung?

You can get your racket restrung with us at Braddon Tennis Club in Canberra City. If it’s not convenient for you we offer a pick up and delivery service for $25 to selected areas around Canberra.

Should I restring my own rackets?

The answer is it depends. If you would like to restring your own racket then, the first thing you need is a racket-restringing machine. Good quality racket restringing machines cost over $2500.

Initially, it is an investment to purchase a racket restringing machine however if you love tennis as much as us, then the initial costs pays for itself over time. However it does take time, patience and a lot of practice to learn how to restring professionally.

Why use an electric racket-stringing machine?


Consistency in Tension!

Professional electronic stringing machines maintain consistent tension of the string. Whereas drop weight or crank racket-restringing machines cause inconsistencies, which can translate to the court when your racket hits the ball. 

Electronic Restringing Machine.webp

How much does a tennis racket/racquet restring cost?  

It will cost between $50 and $70 to restring your tennis racket.

There are two parts to the racket restringing cost.
1.    Labour Cost $50

2.    String Cost $10-$20

If you have any further enquires, please contact us to see how we can service your racket for you.

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