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Tennis Racket Restringing Service

Braddon Tennis Shop


Have you broken a string and want to get back on court ASAP or want to make your old racket like new?

Our Pro Shop is perfect for getting your racket back playing like new again. With over 20 years experience, we provide expert tennis racket restringing and servicing in Canberra. We restring all tennis rackets on our state of the art electronic restringing machine for professional results. All restrings come with a complimentary service, which includes re-gripping (over-grip) and a clean. All services can generally be completed within a day. 


How do I get my tennis racket restrung?

  1. Contact us for restringing by phone or email   

  2. Drop off your racket to Braddon Tennis Club

  3. Pick your string type. Check out our range of strings below

  4. Pick your racket tension. If you’re unsure, our professional team will advise you depending on your style of play.

  5. Pick up your ready-to-use racket or your racket is delivered to you.

Drop Off Your Racket

Drop your racket/s (racquets) off during the day and collect it at your convenience once it's done. Our Restringing machine is located in Braddon.
Please text/call for pick up and drop off arrangements.

Quick Turnaround

Normally, your racket will be ready for collection the following day, however, we do offer same day service as well. We will let you know as soon as your racket restringing is complete.

Superior Racket Service Guarantee

We don’t just string your racket/racquet we do a full complimentary racket/racquet service on our top of the line electric restringing machine. This service includes re-gripping (over-grip) and a comprehensive racquet clean.

Got your own string? If you already have a set of string that would like to use, we will happily string it for you for $50.

How much does a tennis racket/racquet restring cost?

It will cost between $50 and $70 to restring your tennis racket.

There are two parts to the racket restringing cost.
1.    Labour Cost $50

2.    String Cost $10-$20

If you have any further enquires, please ask our friendly staff to see how we can service your racket for you.

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