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Who Created Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis started in 1995, when Mir Rahim, a tennis teaching professional created a program he called Cardio Tennis at the Lakeshore Athletic Club in Chicago. In 2005, the Cardio Tennis program began as a grassroots initiative to benefit the sport as it incorporates high energy fitness activities into the game of tennis.


A National Debut was held at the 2005 US Open with sessions and demonstrations in the Indoor Courts building that included celebrities and major media coverage. It is now offered in 30 countries worldwide. It is a fun, flexible and high-energy workout. The Cardio Tennis program is inclusive, engaging all students at all ages. It is easy to run and helps students to explore and develop movement patterns, coordination, game strategies and lifelong skills.

The Growth of Tennis and the Cardio Tennis Program

The popularity of tennis is growing as it is reported to be Australia’s seventh most participated sport/physical activity in the country. This was announced in 2019 by Tennis Australia from their Tennis State of Play report.

Some of the other findings from the Tennis State of Play report include (directly from source):

  • Tennis is ranked in the top five sports for 5-8 year olds

  • The peak participation rate was among 15-17 year olds both male and female

  • Tennis has a greater percentage of adult participation in remote or very remote regions when compared to the overall Australian adult population

  • Adult tennis participation is slightly skewed towards males, however participation was high among females

  • Two thirds of adult participation in tennis was organised, with the majority taking place in sports clubs

  • Tennis is less exposed to the age related decline in participation common to many other sports

  • Adults 15 years or older who participated in tennis had a median frequency of 26 sessions per year (about once every two weeks) and a median session duration of 90 minutes

  • The dominant motivation to participate in tennis was fun/enjoyment. Social reasons and physical health or fitness were also strong motivators.

US Open Full Stadium

The growth of Tennis and the Cardio Tennis Program is phenomenal and we pride ourselves as being part of this growth by offering quality Adults and Kids Tennis lessons at our clubs. The Cardio Tennis program has shown great success however, as the name suggests, has a heavy focus on cardio.  We noticed that not everyone wants to work on Cardio when they come to tennis lessons. That’s why, at Active Tennis Coaching we not only offer Cardio Tennis, we combine this with skills and technique coaching into our lessons. You will also improve the quality of your shots as well as get the cardio benefits.Whether you want to improve your cardio fitness, lose, gain or maintain weight, improve your tennis, we believe that tennis is a great channel to do so.

Book in a free trial at one of our Canberra Clubs today.

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