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Tennis Lessons for Kids

Why Kids love Tennis?

  • It's a sport that teaches your kids skills for life

  • It's social

  • You can play it your whole life

  • Its a family sport

  • It's non-contact

  • It teaches strategic thinking

  • Its fun

  • It builds self-confidence and discipline

Watch Kaitlin's and Josh's tennis story in the video.

Benefits of Tennis


1) It's social and fun


We truly believe that any sport your kid participates in should start with fun.  Tennis is played with friends and family where you can also get them outdoors which is great for kids! 

2) Low Contact and Risk of Injury

Tennis is considered a fairly low-risk sport as it has low player-to-player contact. Collision and contact sports such as rugby have a higher chance of gaining lifelong and serious injuries. While all sports including tennis have risks to injuries, the nature of injuries from tennis is small and the risk is minimal enough to continue to play the sport well into their adult lives.

3) Great Physical Development

The game of tennis is great for physical development of muscles, includes a lot of running around, quick movements, for the entire body. Its also boosts cardio, flexibility, mobility, motor control, hand eye coordination, speed, agility, bone strength and balance. Not to mention, a great way to tire the kids out!

4) Boosting Immune System

Improving physical strength as mentioned above, tennis will lend to helping your child master other activities off the court. By staying fit and healthy, your kids will have a stronger immune system and resistance to disease and help combat passed school yard germs and flu season.

5) Expert Supervision

Again, safety first! With professional and qualified coaches always on-hand. At Active Tennis Coaching in Canberra, We ensure that the kids get both fun and safety throughout their hot shots lesson. We teach proper technique and form that will help your child learn how to move properly so they have fun while also reducing chances of acquiring any injuries.

5) Stimulates Mental Development

Tennis is an effective sport to master fine motor-skills and hand-to-eye coordination which requires alertness and tactical thinking. Therefore it helps make new connections in the brain, promoting continuing brain development. 

How can I facilitate my child’s involvement in tennis?


If you want to help grow your child’s initial interest in playing tennis, take on an active role in tennis. Here are some tips for new tennis parents:

  • Encourage your child to play, but don’t pressure them.

  • Avoid making everything in your child’s life about tennis. This will help avoid burnout later on.

  • Make sure your child’s coach is qualified and encouraging.

  • Help your child set realistic and challenging goals.

  • Focus on fun not 'winning the game', its just a game after all.

  • Let your child's coach run the practice.

  • Avoid coaching from the sidelines.

  • Ask your kid if they enjoy themselves.

The biggest difference is to be active in tennis with them – doesn’t just mean taking them to and from classes, be engaged and show them you also see the benefits of tennis by enjoying it with them.


A good way of introducing kids to tennis is through your local club.If you're in Canberra, we welcome you to try our lessons at Active Tennis Coaching, our programs are grouped by age and skill, which allows your child to meet other players in similar age and ability levels. As your child progresses, he or she can join the club or school tennis team or join participate in local kid’s tennis tournaments.  

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