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What Equipment Do I Need to Buy?

One of the beautiful things of tennis as a sport is that it doesn't require a good deal of equipment to get started. If you have or can borrow a racket and a ball, you’re good to go. 

In this article, we have outlined the essential equipment every beginner tennis player should consider as they begin their tennis journey. This will help you prepare to be on court or get started for your first skills and cardio tennis lesson.


When it comes to tennis rackets, you can get very technical. In general terms, a lightweight racket with a bigger head size is good to make returning the ball easier and are more forgiving if you if don't hit the sweet spot.


If you buy a racket from a reputable tennis shop, they can guide you too. Tennis Australia have a great guide that outlines what racket will suit you. 

Tennis Australia - Choosing Your Racket


Put simply, tennis is not as much fun without tennis balls!  Just like rackets and shoes, there are many types of tennis balls for adults and kids. 

Tennis Balls for Adults

There are Professional, Championship, and Practice balls. A professional tennis ball has premium, high quality feel that doesn't fray easily. These balls are used in professional  tournaments. Championship balls are generally a step down from professional, in both pressure, felt quality and price. This style is best suited for practice or juniors tournaments because of their good durability and overall good quality. Practice balls are the lowest in quality and as the name suggests, used for practice.  

Tennis Balls for Kids

As your child grows taller and stronger they will gradually be accomplished to handle an adult tennis ball. Junior tennis balls come in foam, red, orange and green dot. 

Each progressively firmer than the previous one. By matching the right tennis ball to your childs needs your child can rally longer, have great consistency and a more fun experience on the court. Here is a more detailed explanation of the types of kids tennis balls. You can also find them in our online tennis pro shop.

SHINE (STAGE 3) RED & YELLOW TWO TONE Tennis ball for Kids


Foam balls

Foam balls are the first of four difficult tennis balls. As the largest and lightest in the series, it is the easiest for children to make contact with. They are designed for children 3 years of age and under.

Red Tennis Balls 

Red balls are much larger than the conventional ball and travel 75% slower. They are designed for children 3-5 years of age.


Orange Tennis Balls

Orange balls are the same size as the conventional ball, but travel 50% slower. They are designed for children aged 6-8.


Green Tennis Balls

Green dot balls are the same size as the conventional ball, but travel 25% slower. They are designed for children 9 years of age or older.

Find our stock of Junior tennis balls here.


As a beginner tennis player, all you need in comfortable clothing and shoes to get started. Often plain cotton shirts are a well-liked as they are comfortable. Most sports brands have sport specific materials and products that keep the sweat off your body to keep you cool and comfortable. Keep it simple and stick with something comfortable.


Here are list of other accessories that you may want to consider:

  1. Sunglasses

  2. Hat

  3. Grips

  4. Dampeners


While all of this equipment is not essential, if you have a racket and a ball you can play!

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