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Tennis Coaching for Kids

What is kid’s tennis coaching?

So your kid has shown some talent and interest in the game of tennis…

You can see that they have potential and you want to accelerate their development as much as you can without pushing them too much. 

You don't want your kid to turn into the next Roger Federer however, you still want them to thrive and follow something they enjoy. 

It's time to discover a tennis coach for kids tennis coaching, so they get expert guidance from qualified staff. At Active Tennis Coaching in Canberra we help your kid shine and improve their tennis skills. We show you different techniques to accelerate on court in a fun environment. 

Do you have tennis for toddlers? 


Yes, we offer tennis coaching for toddlers from 3 to 5 year old in our ANZ Hot Shots kids tennis coaching. We coach all our players with varying skills and abilities but most importantly, we focus on having fun to ensure your tennis toddler grows up enjoying tennis and being active. 

Our kids and junior tennis coaching also caters for kids aged 3-18 years, so toddler have a pathway to truly develop their agility, coordination and social skills. At Active Tennis Coaching in Canberra, we're proud to provide tennis coaching for kids with professional guidance from our qualified staff.

What are kids hot shots tennis lessons? 

ANZ Kids Hot Shots are tennis lessons developed by Tennis Australia as a pathway initiative to encourage young toddlers and kids to participate in tennis. It is Tennis Australia's fastest-growing kid's tennis coaching program. Hot Shots is one of the most popular primary school kid sports activities programs in Australia since released in 2008.

For kids who are seeking to start their tennis journey, ANZ Tennis Hot Shots Coaching is the program for them! Coaching sessions are run with the aid of qualified Tennis Australia coaches including here at Active Tennis Coaching in Canberra and across the country.

The program promotes participation and inclusion. It's the best way for kids aged 10 and below to discover ways to participate in their local Canberra community. ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is an active, fun, social way of playing tennis for kids. 

What are hot shot tennis rules? 

The rules of hot shots tennis are simple. There are no set rules that must be followed for kids playing tennis at 10 years or under. We have tailored scoring systems and we also teach kids how to score too. As kids progress, their ability to score their own matches will improve. Other ANZ hot shot rules include:

  • Smaller courts and rackets

  • There are different sized balls depending on the age of the kids. The balls don't bounce as high so they're simpler to hit, so kids love it.

  • Find more information on what ball size would be appropriate for your kid below


Tennis Low Compression Balls for Kids-mi

What are the hot shot tennis equipment used?

We supply Hot Shot tennis nets, balls and rackets for your kid's tennis coaching lessons. Sometimes we will use other sporting equipment such as cones and buckets to give your kids variety. 

We recommended that kids wear snug sport clothes, runners, a hat, sunscreen and bring a bottle of water with them. If you don't have a tennis racket, don't worry, we provide the tennis rackets for you too. If you wish to purchase a racket, we are more than happy to provide advice on finding the best tennis racket for you and your kid. 

As a rule of thumb, the tennis grip shouldn't be too big and make sure your kid can hold their racket easily when their arm is held straight in front of them. This will ensure they can swing the racket with ease. When in doubt choose a smaller racket!


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