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How Much Does Tennis Cost?

At Active Tennis Coaching we offer 10 week terms in conjuction with the Canberra, ACT school terms. Group sessions are $19 per hour per class. Private lessons can be purchased in packs of 5 or 10 and can be held at any time during the year and start at $69 a session.

ATC Group Kids Lessons.jpg

Group Classes 

The group classes are $220 for a 10 week term for 1 hour classes. You can join half way through the term if there are spaces in the class. We adjust the cost, packaged classes work out to be around $22 per session.

Adult Social Competitions 

Our adult social competitions run for 90 minutes where you play matches for the entire session. These are $22 a session if you book in for the full term.

Pro Squad

We offer pro squad tennis for kids and adults.

Adult pro squad $19 per session if you book in for the term.

Kids Pro Squad between 6 – 8 years go for 60 minutes also at $22 a session, if you book in for the term.

Kids 9+ pro squad goes for 2 hours for $440 each term.

Private Lessons

Packs are $725 for 10 sessions with our experienced coaches. Sessions can be held at any time during the year, your coach will work with you to organise the most suited time. 

Can’t make it every week? We offer casual class passes that allows you to join any of our classes during the term. There is no commitment each week. All you have to do is book in per class in advance so we can secure your spot. As we have 6 players per coach, bookings are essential.  

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