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Singles Competition - Term 4 2022

This singles competition is designed for adult players and top junior players looking for matches in a flexible environment. Players organise matches against their opponents at Braddon Tennis Club at mutually convenient times.

Registration for the upcoming Term 4 2022 Singles Competition closes 9 October, 2022. The competition will run for the whole of Term 4 from Monday 10 October - 16 December 2022.

Once all entries are received for the competition, all players who have booked in online will be placed into the competition with players of a similar standard of play.  An email will be sent out with phone numbers for all players who have been placed in your round robin draw.  All players are responsible for contacting all other players in their competition to arrange matches within the period specified in the email.  

The cost for the competition is $110 per players which includes for all your matches:

-  free court hire at Braddon Tennis Club

- good quality tennis balls to use in all your matches.

- amazing prizes for all winners at the end of each competition.

- all administration costs for Active Tennis Coaching to run the competition.

Some frequently asked questions are answered below. If you have any other questions, please contact us. 

Match Formats 

- Best of 3 sets (final set super tie breaker (first to 10 points)

Organising Matches


You are required to contact your opponents via SMS.

The date and time of your match is decided upon discussion and agreement between you and your opponent. Players book courts at Braddon Tennis Club for all their matches, a coupon will be provided so there is no charge for your court booking.  

Once the match is complete, kindly send the score from your match to It will be updated at the earliest convenience. 


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