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Cardio Tennis Equipment

What equipment do I need for Cardio Tennis?

There is not that much equipment you need for Cardio tennis. All you need to bring to your lesson is:

  • Tennis Racket  

  • Yourself – wear your favourite workout gear and runners.  

  • Drink bottle  

We supply the rest – music included. We might even use cones and training ladders to for different activities in the lessons. Some cardio tennis sessions supply pedometers and heart rate monitors. However, at Active Tennis Coaching we do not offer this however if you have your own, it might be a good way to measure your heart pumping during the lesson!  

Finding the Right Tennis Racket 

If you don’t have a racket, we have some for you to use. But if you are in the market for your very own racket, here are some quick tips and guides to choose the right racket for you. There are generally 3 different types of rackets: 

  • Control Rackets

  • Power and Control Rackets  

  • Lightweight Power Rackets  

Control Rackets

Control rackets are the opposite of power rackets. The have a small head, heavy weight, thin beam, head light (or even) balance and flexible frame.  

Players who opt for less power to exchange for control or the ability to place the ball more accurately would be suited to this type of racket. The player must develop the necessary skill, and technique to generate power.  


Classic rackets in this category are:  

  • Roger Federer range of Wilson ProStaff rackets  

  • Djokovic range of Head Speed rackets,    

  • Wawrinka Range of Yonex VCore rackets.  

Recommended for: Advanced or professional tennis players. These players generate their own power through fast and full swings. 

Power and Control Rackets (also known as ‘Tweener’)  

This category of rackets sit between power and control rackets. A tweener comes with some of the control and mixes it with some of the lightness and power of the power rackets.  

The power level typically ranges from low-medium to medium-high power, making them most appealing to intermediate through advanced players. Tweener rackets tend to be very spin-friendly.  

Classic rackets in this category are:  

  • Babolat Pure Drive range 

  • Babolat Pure Aero range 

  • Wilson Burn Rackets   

  • Head Instinct Range

  • Prince Textreme Warrior rackets  

Recommended for: This category most players. These rackets have a nice mixture of power and control and can work well for a first adult racket for all juniors. 


Power Rackets

As the name suggests, power rackets help players hit with more power and depth with less effort. That’s why they are typically great options for beginners. At this stage, players tend to have shorter strokes therefore the racket give enough power to allow them to build proper technique and form.   

However, this type of tennis racket can be an excellent choice for players who struggle to generate the power. Smaller players, men and women might prefer this racket type.  

Classic rackets in this range are:   

  • Head PWR Power Rackets range  

  • Head TiS6 Racket.   

  • Wilson Power & Comfort rackets range.  

Recommended for: Beginners and Intermediates who may not be physically very strong or athletic. They are easy to swing, user friendly rackets.  


Finding the Right Fit 

Finding the right tennis racket will help you maximise your performance, reduce the chance of injury, and helps you have more fun on the court.  

If possible, work with a tennis coach at your local tennis club for suggestions. If you have been working with your coach for a while, they will more than likely understand your style and level of play and help match you with the right racket. 

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