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Beginner's Guide to Cardio Tennis

Have you ever want to play tennis but don’t want to look like a rookie while doing so? Well, in this article, we will give you the Ultimate Beginner’s guide to Cardio Tennis. We will share with you 3 mistakes to avoid when you are getting out on court as a newbie.


Many coaches and players believe that they need to build a good technical, tactical and physical skills before they move on to the mental game. The truth is, tennis is just as much a mental game. So, if you are ready mentally for the game, you are already a step ahead.  


Not accepting that mistakes are part of the learning process when starting any new skill is not a good start. It’s really easy to get frustrated not getting the ball in or even missing a shot. Just remind yourself that you’re just starting and it's tough to have a perfect shot all the time when you are just beginning. Stay calm and give your brain and body the time and practice it needs to learn and improve. Here are 3 common mistakes to avoid if you are looking at playing Cardio Tennis

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Being Impatient 


For beginners, most are not actually aware of how much time it takes and the number of hours it takes to become a proficient. It's easy to get hooked by various ads that promise to teach tennis in one or two hours. You may learn to improve your technique in 15 minutes, but then applying those skills in a social game or competition is much more complex. Tennis is a life long sport, and like any skill, the best work doesn’t come overnight. 


Your brain and body needs lots of practice to learn the skill 😊  

Knowing that judging the ball is often the most challenging skill for beginners. 


Yes, the ball can feel like it’s got a life of its own. Reading the ball is tricky, and as a starter, it can be very difficult. Try play variations of tennis games or sign up to Cardio and Skills Tennis lessons to get better at reading the ball. Games such as mini tennis, having a hit on the wall or just bouncing the ball with your racket can make a big difference. Here are some drills you can do at home to improve your ball judging abilities. 

Not focusing on the basics 

Learning more advanced tennis skills like topspins or slices, or powering through your service can seem like a really cool thing to focus on as a beginner. However, if you have not built the foundation for your basic forehand and backhand shots, it will be trickier for you to build your more advanced skills. Focusing on perfecting, the simple shots first will move you quickly from beginner to an intermediate/advanced tennis player. 


We hope these common mistakes have given you an insight on some things to be aware of when you’re out on the tennis court. Time, patience and the right mindset will enable you to learn this beautiful game as fast as possible. And if you’re interested in our Cardio and Skills Tennis lessons or just lessons in general, please check out the classes we hold at Braddon and Ainslie Tennis Club in Canberra. And as a bonus, all new players get a free trial.

Check out the video on TOP 3 mistakes that tennis players make and how to fix them.

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