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Adult Cardio Tennis Lesson Plan

Here is a plan on running a cardio tennis lesson for Adults.

Here is a sample lesson plan for coaches, teachers or even participants to get an idea of what they are getting during a session. First off the equipment you need are:

  • Tennis Racket (we can supply them for you)

  • Tennis Balls

  • Music

  • Heart Rate Monitor (optional)

Warm Up

Warm ups generally start off with some active movements and stretching to get the body prepared for the session. This can be done on two courts, using all four sides with one pro at the front for participants to follow. Students will follow directions as to what tennis stroke to shadow. You can also try this cardio tennis fitness drills to warm up

Jogging along the lines

Players jog down the side line, backwards towards the service line, sideways to the middle T, forward to net, back to the T, sideways to other sideline, forward to net, then turn and sprint to baseline. 
Repeat circuit. Make sure there is space as players are facing the net for the whole run. Keep your head up and use small steps to stay balanced. 


Drill Based Tennis Games

One of our drill we play with our adults in their Cardio Tennis Lesson in called the Mid-Court Crusher.


Participants in 2 single file lines are on baseline facing the net. The coach stands in between the 2 lines, facing the participants a few meters inside the court. Instructor feeds to the first 2 tennis players at the same time. Players hit the ball, sprint to the net, tap the net with their racket, move off to the side of the court, run down the ladder and join the back of the opposite queue.  

You can also make it competitive by awarding a point to the team that touches the net first. 

Game Based Tennis


4 pairs, 3 challenging pairs at one end of the court and 1 champion pair at the other end. When coach feeds (from the challenger’s baseline in between the pair) the 1st challenging pair charge to the net and the point is played out. Champ pair not allowed to lob. If challengers win they take the champs place. If they lose, they move to the back of the challenging pair queue. Instructor should lob feed as soon as the point is won and new challengers should charge the net as soon as the ball is fed. 


Cool Down 


This game mimics volleyball and is great to slow the heart rate down while still practicing tennis skills. 2 teams of 4 players either side of the net, spread out. The coach feeds a ball in to one team with each of the team members needing to touch the ball before they can hit it over to the opposite team. Ball is allowed to bounce once. Same player cannot hit the ball twice in a row. First team to 7 points. 
These are many other drills and activities you can do in Cardio Tennis, we like to keep it varied so players are learning and getting a workout at once!  

Tennis Coach on Braddon Tennis
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