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Tennis Coaching for Adults

What is adult tennis coaching?

Tennis coaching is teaching players how to improve their tennis skills and technique on court. This can be in group adult tennis lessons and private lessons.

Tennis coaches are able to tailor the lessons to the players based on their goals, ability and age. Generally a coaching session will have a component of tennis technique before you start drills. Adult tennis coaching consists of the proper sort of warmup, drills, match play, cool down and stretch.

Within some classes, there will also be stimulated game match play between the tennis coach and player. They will then work together to address any problems with stroke work.

It takes dedication to enhance your tennis. Plenty of practice and preparation from you and your tennis coach both on and off court is required. Even the first-class tennis players look at their game off court as well as on court. Everything a player does works in harmony to be triumphant on the court. This is where tennis coaching comes in to provide improvement in tennis skills as well as skills for a balanced and healthy life. 

How often should you do tennis lessons/coaching? 

The answer is it depends. When you are first starting out, it might be worth doing tennis lessons once a week but as you progress you can start to do 2 or 3 times a week in addition to you practicing and having a social tennis hit with your friends. You can also join our social competitions to help with that too.

Private lessons allow you to accelerate further to get more personalised tips than group lessons. Private tennis classes are worth it, however the amount of practice you put in outside of your lesson will make your tennis lessons either group or private much more effective. Find a very good tennis coach that is familiar with your needs and goals to maximise your results.


What is a tennis coach and how can they help me improve tennis?

If you are looking at improving your tennis skills on court, then picking the right tennis coach that suits your personality and needs will contribute successfully to you both technically and tactically (your strategy and decision making on court). It takes more than hitting thousands of tennis balls to take your tennis to the next level.

A tennis coach is qualified tennis professional who teaches beginner and intermediate players how to play, enhance or compete in tennis. They lead one-on-one or group tennis lesson. Coaches cater to all abilities from toddlers to older adults and adapt their style based on the player. 

A tennis coach can help you improve your tennis through sharing you their depth of knowledge and experience in tennis. They will correct your technique and give you tips to accelerate your skills on court. All coaches at Active Tennis Coaching Canberra are dedicated to seeing you triumph on and off the tennis court. Your coach is also your mentor and give you a faster way to improve your skills than if you were to practice yourself. 

One of the great things of having a tennis coach is that they identify and correct the errors in your technique that you may not identify yourself. When you’re down, they can lift you up and give you that extra boost.


How can I get better at tennis fast?  Tennis coaching and Practice!


One of the best ways to improve your tennis skills fast is to practice and find yourself a tennis coach.
Coaches will recognize errors in your tennis game that you wouldn’t have identified. 
Hiring a tennis coach will offer you with consistent sessions to enhance your game. If you set up regular lessons, you’ll have a set schedule allocated to your tennis. A good tennis coaching in addition to tennis lessons will allow you to learn while playing with others, inspire you and keep you on track.


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